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Main objectives of ETC/ACM

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Partnership with EEA member countries

The priority of the ETC/ACM is to co-operate with the member countries of the EEA and the European Commission to consolidate and further improve the quality and scope of the flow of data and information. A sound and active partnership with the member countries is required to:

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Framework for assessment

The ETC/ACM has no means to develop, improve or maintain current models, but will use models that depend on the research and developments (funded and organised outside the ETC) at its partner organisations. The ETC/ACM aims to improve linkages between the current models and harmonise the data exchange. This must lead to an improved efficiency in performing scenario studies in order to:

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Work plan 2018

The work plan is subdivided into workpackages according tasks and documented in the, so called

Action Plan 2018 (2.5Mb PDF; january 2018).

This plan consists of:

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