Ex post evaluation and policy implementation in the building sector
Eionet Report — ETC/ACM 2018/2

Released: 2018/05/03: See the report

EIONET Report - ETC/ACM 2018/2 cover

Buildings account for about 40% of total final energy consumption in the EU-28, which makes it the largest energy end-use sector. A significant part of this energy consumption is for heating and cooling. Improving the energy efficiency of buildings is a cost-efficient measure to reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions and it is therefore the objective of many national policies and measures. In this study, the effectiveness and coherence of national policies and measures are evaluated. It is assessed which measures have been implemented, what the effect was on energy consumption and to what extent the policy mix is coherent.

Prepared by: ETC/ACM consortium partner members Nele Renders, Tom Dauwe (VITO, BE); Christofer Ahlgren, Katrina Young (Aether, UK)

EEA contact person: Magdalena Jóźwicka

Published by: ETC/ACM, April 2018, 123 pp.