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AirBase is the public air quality database system of the EEA. It contains air quality monitoring data and information submitted by the participating countries throughout Europe.

The air quality database consists of multi-annual time series of air quality measurement data and their statistics for a representative selection of stations and for a number of pollutants. It also contains meta-information on the involved monitoring networks, their stations and their measurements.

The database covers geographically all countries from the European Union, the EEA member countries and some EEA potential candidate countries. The EU Member States are bound to report under the Council Decision 97/101/EC, a reciprocal Exchange of Information (EoI) on ambient air quality. Whereas, the EEA member countries and cooporating countries, which include EU (potential) candidate countires and the EFTA states, either committed themselves to report to the EEA following this EU-legislation, or develop the appropriate measuring and reporting infrastructure following EEA's EuroAirnet programme critiria. All data reported within EuroAirnet context is included in the database.

A country support tool (the DEM (Data Exchange Module)) is available and can be used to deliver each year the EoI data to AirBase.

New rules for the reciprocal exchange of information have become into effect on 1 Januyary 2014. The Commission has established an Air Quality Portal to support the transition to the new system ( e-reporting).

AirBase contains next to meta-information on monitoring networks, stations and measurement configurations and the raw measurement data also aggregated and statistics data calculated on basis of the raw data.

AirBase data can be queried and retrieved through a web based user interface. It is also possible to download AirBase data dumps.

Information on the annual AirBase updates can be found in the yearly technical reports and connected maps, figures and tables. In the more recent reports the air quality status in Europe has been described on base of the AirBase data.

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