MDS - Model Documentation System

The Model Documentation System aims to provide guidance to any model user in the selection of the most appropriate air quality model for his application. Inclusion of a air quality model in the system is by no means associated with any form of endorsement for using the particular model: it helps select the most appropriate by using the specifications submitted by the modellers.

The database was developed at the Aristotle University Thessaloniki, Greece, by Prof. Nicolas Moussiopoulos, Head Director of the Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering, based on ideas originally proposed by Helge Olesen.

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ETC/ACM would welcome any kind of comments on the Model Documentation System with emphasis on its usefulness and functionality. Such comments should be sent via e-mail to the database administrator and Frank de Leeuw (RIVM).


Neither the ETC/ACM nor the European Environment Agency can be held responsible for confusions or misinterpretations which may result from inhomogeneities.

(Update: 4 June 2007)
How to submit a model to the Model Documentation System
Model Documentation System evaluation reports
Model Documentation System flyer    (306k PDF, January 2004)
Ambient Air Quality, Pollutant Dispersion and Transport Models, EEA Topic Report 19, 1996.

Minutes of past workshops on the Model Documentation System:

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