CollectER III


For support in installation and import of data from previous versions of CollectER please contact the CollectER helpdesk:
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CollectER III Installation notes

A readme file will be displayed during the installation process. This provides additional technical information.

User requirements: CollectER III should be installed on a PC-Pentium or equivalent, minimum 512Mb RAM and 40Mb free disk space with Windows2000/2003/XP/Vista running (minimum) SVGA monitor driver in 1024x800 mode. ADO and .NET Framework V2.0 are components required to be installed on the target computer (usually included in the latest MS Windows). MS Office installation is recommended on the target PC.

If you do not have .NET Framework v2.0 installed then this should be downloaded separately from here and installed before installing CollectER III.


CollectER III combines the previous separate versions of CollectERII and ReportER into one integrated tool.

In addition, CollectER III now implements the following improvements:

The version 2 release of CollectER III has a further improved user interface and includes additional quality control and quality assurance tools. The export into the latest versions of the UNFCCC CRF Reporter and the LRTAP flat file are available.

CollectER III includes functionality to import from earlier versions of CollectER. Such import might flag possible errors and inconsistencies between different years of the annual databases. The CollectER helpdesk can support you with this import process.

Previous versions

CollectER II and ReportER, or any older versions of these tools, are no longer supported through this web site.

CollectER III software now fully performs all functions of previous CollectER and ReportER versions. CollectER III includes import functionality for earlier versions of the databases.

In case one has not made the full transition to CollectER III yet, please contact the CollectER helpdesk for any support and questions.

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