Country support tools for reporting

Air Quality

Air Quality Reporting (as of 1 January 2014)
Air Quality Portal The portal to information on the implementation of Commission Implementing Decision 2011/850/EU, and on its tools and user guidance to data suppliers.
AQUI Introduction to the Air Quality User Interface for reporting at Air Quality data and information.
Summer ozone exceedance
Summer ozone exceedances Information related to the monthly reporting of ozone summer exceedances.

Air Emissions

COPERT 5 COmputer Programme to Calculate Emissions from Road Transport - COPERT is a MS Windows software program which is developed as a European tool for the estimation of emissions from the road transport sector. The emissions estimated with version 5 include regulated (CO, NOx, VOC, PM) and unregulated pollutants (N2O, NH3, SO2, NMVOC speciation …), and energy consumption is also computed.
CollectER III A tool dedicated to national air emissions experts to create and update a national emissions inventory and to prepare appropriate emissions data and reports for international reporting obligations. In 2009, this new version of the National Emission Inventory and Reporting tool has been released as one integrated tool CollectER III and facilitates import functionality for migration from earlier versions. Older versions are not any longer supported, but the CollectER helpdesk can support you with any problems at migration to CollectER III.
Additional documents SNAP97: Definitions for the Selected Nomenclature for sources of Air Pollution (SNAP) sectors as used in the EMEP/EEA air pollutant emission inventory guidebook (and its preceeding EMEP/CORINAIR Atmospheric Emissions Inventory Guidebooks), including the link table to the IPCC 1996 Revised Guidelines source sector definitions.

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