Approximated EU GHG inventory for the year 2009
ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2010/4

Released: 2010/09/09: See the report

Short report for EU-15 and EU-27

This technical paper contains EU-wide early estimates of greenhouse gas emissions for 2009 based on publicly available verified EU ETS emissions for 2009 and published activity data, as of mid-July, at both national and European level disaggregated by major source categories in sectors reported under the UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol. The 2009 estimates revealed a stark 6.9% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to 2008 in both the EU-15 and the EU-27.

Prepared by: ETC/ACC members Julia Busche, Sabine Gores, Anke Herold, Hauke Hermann, Gerhard Penninger (├ľko-Institut, Germany)

Published by: ETC/ACC, September 2010, 120 pp.