Impacts of Europe's changing climate - An indicator-based assessment
EEA Report No 2/2004

Released: 2004/08/18: See the report

The impacts of climate change on Europe's environment and society are shown in this report. Past trends in the climate, its current state and possible future changes are presented using 22 selected indicators. For almost all of these a clear trend exists and impacts are already being observed. The report highlights the need to develop strategies at European, national, regional and local level for adapting to climate change.

Prepared by: The European Environment Agency's European Topic Centre for Air and Climate Change (ETC/ACC).

  • UBA Berlin (Umweltbundesamt, Federal Environmental Agency) and RIVM (National Institute of Public Health and the Environment, the Netherlands) also contributed financially as partners in ETC/ACC.
  • Thomas Voigt of UBA Berlin and Jelle van Minnen of RIVM coordinated the overall development of the report and were authors of several parts.

    Publish date: 18 August 2004

    Published by: © EEA (European Environment Agency), Copenhagen, 2004. OPOCE (Office for Official Publications of the European Communities), Luxembourg, 2004.